About Us

Company History

In 1995 Rusty Harris, a long time motorcycle enthusiast, began selling leather motorcycle apparel at motorcycle rallies across the country. Starting with a 10×10 popup tent, his dodge pickup truck and his german shepard Guyman, Rusty soon upgraded to a box truck and full size tent.

As his operation grew so did his family, Rusty was blessed with two daughters and traveling the country soon became more difficult. As fate would have it Rusty had a show cancel in Colorado and he filled his schedule with a show in OKC.  Having many friends and family in Oklahoma dating back to his college days at Bethany Nazarene College, an opportunity presented itself that weekend to open a brick and mortar store and Papa’s Leather was born.

Rusty partnered with a local businessman, Tim Sechrist who also had a passion for riding motorcycles and Christ.  In November 2002 Rusty and Tim opened up their first store and Rusty moved his family from Colorado Springs to Bethany OK.

As the Store’s popularity grew and they looked to hire their first employee’s. Tim turned to his nephew who had recently moved to Oklahoma from Texas to manage the store.  Rusty also hired a Mustang native to help with the road shows. Tyson Smith and Ryan Quinlan had no idea what was in store for them, but over the next few years they would find more than just a job.  They would find faith, friendship and a future.

In 2008, Rusty bought Tim’s 50% ownership and opened another location on the southside of Oklahoma City.  Around this time Rusty made an agreement that someday Papa’s Leather could belong to Ryan and Tyson if they would stick with it and help grow the business.

So in 2017 when Rusty decided to retire and move on to new endeavors, Rusty made good on his promise.  Tyson and Ryan became the new owners of Papa’s Leather.

The growth and success of this business could not have been achieved without the help from our customers and employees.  It is our employees that bring our customers back, and without our customers, we would have no business.